Custom Jewelry with Hemming Jewelers: What to Expect

Window shopping can be fun, but searching relentlessly for the right piece of gold jewelry can become exhausting. Particularly when you have an ideal design in mind that no one seems to carry, it can be easy to fall into frustration as you continue the hunt to no avail.

And thus we ask: Why keep rifling through shelves and catalogs when you can simply create?

If you’re ready to see your design brought to fruition in all its perfection, here’s what you can expect from Hemming Jeweler’s streamlined custom jewelry process … 

Step 1

The first step we take is to sit down with our customers and discuss what concepts they have for their dream design. Whether they have a full-fledged plan or are looking for professional input, step one allows us to collaborate or simply transfer their ideal piece into a drawing format.

Step 2

With the help of computer-aided design (CAD), the next step is to transpose the new drawing into a digital format. Using CAD, we generate a 3D computerized model of the piece to ensure that the design is well-rounded and complete before we move on to physically manifesting it.

This is also where we will collect the initial deposit to begin working.

Step 3

The first version of the design will be replicated by a 3D printer. Step three allows us to create a mold in which to cast the piece.

Step 4

Step four involves the aforementioned casting with the 3D-printed design. We begin by pouring the wax into the mold and putting it into the oven. Once the wax is adequately melted, we pour the wax back out and pour the gold in.

Step four is also where we collect the next deposit.

Step 5

Once the casting process is complete, step five is where we remove the piece from the mold to clean and polish its gold face to perfection.

Step 6

Step six will vary according to the piece and the customer’s specific wishes. This is the finalization process, wherein we will add gemstones or diamonds, as well as polish it further, engrave additional details, and more.

Step 7

Last but not least, step seven is the final payment transaction. Once complete, our customer is able to admire their newly crafted gold jewelry and show it off to their loved ones!

Are you ready to begin the journey to ultimate jewelry satisfaction? Do you have a design in both heart and mind that’s simply waiting for the right professional hands to craft it into reality? Then it’s time to contact Hemming Jewelers!

Hemming Jewelers is Jacksonville’s #1 independent custom jeweler, and our team is waiting in the wings to help you breathe life into your dream design. Call us today at (904) 354-5959 to learn more!