Cutting to the Chase: What is the Perfect Diamond Cut?

When you’re up to your ears in engagement ring research, you’ve likely stumbled across the term “the 4 C’s” more times than you can count.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what they are and how, specifically, they affect a diamond’s price.

Thus, we’re here to cut to the chase on one of the biggest determining factors of a diamond’s value: its cut. What is it, and what, exactly, is the perfect or ideal diamond cut?

What Is A Diamond’s Cut?

When taking into consideration a diamond’s cut, one may be tempted to immediately jump to the given titles of diamond shapes such as the marquise cut, oval cut, and more. After all, they do have the word “cut” right in their names, right?

That being said, don’t let yourself be misled — a diamond’s cut is actually a term used in reference to its symmetry, proportions, polish, and more. These factors are what determine the overall angles and “perfection,” of a diamond, as the better the cut, the less noticeable any present flaws will be (and, thus, the more valuable it is).

The Diamond Grading Scale

The Gemological Institute of America, otherwise known as GIA, has instituted the renowned diamond grading system by which jewelers and crafters alike are able to analyze and judge a given gem. Most often, this system is applied to round cut and princess cut diamonds.

Specifically, diamonds are graded on the following:

  • Scintillation, fire, and brightness
  • Durability and optimal weight
  • Overall craftsmanship

The first grading element — scintillation, fire, and brightness  — refer to how well light is dispersed, reflected, and patterned throughout a diamond when viewed face-up.

So, What Is The Perfect Diamond Cut?

Going off the aforementioned grading system, a diamond must meet several criteria to be considered “perfect,” or at least of high quality and value.

Specifically, a diamond should be evenly proportioned, effectively disperse light across the color spectrum, be deep enough to reflect light at optimal angles, and feature angled patterns that create an almost strobe-like effect when the diamond is turned or moved. The diamond should also have minimal fluorescence.

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