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Engagement Trends of 2019

Are you ready for him to put a ring on it? Have you dropped all the hints, left your Pinterest board up “by accident”, and casually mentioned a preference of rose gold over platinum, or maybe a gem other than a diamond? You’ve done enough espionage to be a legitimate covert operative. So, why hasn’t he popped the question yet!? What’s he waiting for? Well, believe it or not, this is something that your partner really wants to get right. The first time. And the more clear you are about your expectations, the more muddied the waters could get for your partner, leading the proposer to get hung up in the details.


Engagement Options for the Millennial Generation!


Trends we are seeing these days, that we actually love, are placement holders, or “proposal rings” that serve the purpose of the proposal, but can then be returned or exchanged for the real deal later. Using a stand-in for the question-popping allows the couple to then pick out the REAL engagement ring together, without spoiling the surprise portion of the proposal itself. This could be a fantastic option for those who want a say in what they get, but also still fantasize about a fabulous surprise engagement!


Another trend we see is wedding bands being purchased for the proposal. Wedding bands are a little easier to pick out, especially if a metal preference has been mentioned, while other exact details are lacking. Maybe you don’t quite know what you want, but you still love the idea of the unexpected question-popping. This way, he can wow you with that astonishing event you’ve been envisioning, filled with plenty of insta-worthy moments – but the real pressure is off.


Placement-holder engagement rings are allowing those who want to ask, to be able to ask with ease, as they know this isn’t the real ring. So, if he’s taking his sweet time, maybe it’s just because he really wants to get it right. Give the man a break, and mention the blog you read once about people who get a temporary proposal ring, or ask with the wedding band itself – allowing the couples to shop for the engagement ring together. That might speed things along for you, while making it a little easier on him too. After all, that’s what marriage is all about, right? Compromise and working together.


So, when you’re ready to shop for rings, be it engagement, placement-holders, proposal rings, wedding bands, or any combination of the above, remember Hemming Jewelers, Jacksonville’s number one independent custom jeweler. If you can’t find what you want, we can make it for you! So, give us a call (904) 354-5959 or stop on in to peruse our collection. We look forward to seeing you.