Engaging In The Experience: Top 10 Spots In Jacksonville For A Proposal

As 2021 moves further into a state resembling that of normalcy, many are beginning to feel as though they’ve finally reached the light at the end of the COVID-19-related tunnel. And especially as summer begins to rear its head in fits and starts of hot breezes and persistent sun, it’s hard not to truly view the coming season as one of renewal.

Thus, as you and your loved one have overcome any number of challenges prior over the last year, why not celebrate your new chapter by taking the next natural step: Becoming engaged?

In fact, if you’ve already had the idea blooming in the back of your mind, we’re here to help you along with our top 10 suggestions for proposal spots in Jacksonville.

1. Your First Date

We couldn’t overlook something sweet, simple, and timeless: The opportunity to pop the question wherever you two went on your first date. Be it in Riverside, Springfield, San Marco, or somewhere else, starting a new chapter in your relationship from the same spot will never fail to tug on both of your heartstrings.

2. Jacksonville Beach

Whether you’re interested in a beachside picnic or relishing in the summer sun together, Jacksonville Beach never fails to make a lovely setting for a summer proposal. Plus, by waiting for the sunrise or sunset, you’re guaranteed a little more privacy in addition to proposal photos strewn through with romantic streaks of orange and pink.

3. The Cummer Museum

Perhaps you’re both art appreciators and aficionados, or maybe you both just enjoy the opportunity to walk around a lush, idyllic garden. In either case, the Cummer Museum is bound to offer you beauty and tranquility all in one. Nothing says “romance” more than walking hand-in-hand through the galleries before you pull out the ring.

4. Your Favorite Rooftop Restaurant

The soft glow of outdoor lighting. The gentle sway of a rooftop breeze. Glass in hand, smile in place, and the sky closer than it’s ever been. Who can deny the gitty joy of feeling on top of the world? And once you propose, it’ll only go up from there.

5. Jacksonville’s Museum of Science and History

Why not take the idea of “proposing beneath the stars” up a notch? Explore the galaxy to your heart’s content and unlock the wonders of our world together in the MOSH planetarium. Whether you’re there to attend a Cosmic Concert or simply exit the orbit of your daily life for a couple of hours, the magnetism of this proposal spot is undeniable.

6. On the Water

Jacksonville features no shortage of adventures to be had on the water. From kayaking about on the nature trails to booking passage on an evening boat ride on the Atlantic, you’ll both be ready to sail into a new future together once you hear the word “yes” rise over the gentle roar of waves.

7. Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve

If you’re looking to get away for the night — both from your daily routines in addition to your screens — you’ll have the opportunity to feel closer than ever before by camping in Jacksonville’s largest nature preserve. And if you can’t seem the perfect spot to pop the question? Hike just a little farther. With 46,000 acres to explore, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

8. Treaty Oak

History meets whimsy beneath the outstretched branches of this 250-year-old old oak tree on Jacksonville’s South Bank. Offering ample shade from the summer sun whilst providing an ideal backdrop for proposal photos, Treaty Oak will be both unforgettable and utterly romantic for the both of you.

9. CoRK Arts District

With 80,000 square feet worth of art to explore, the CoRK Arts District puts romanticism and wonder back into one of Jacksonville’s most well-known warehouses. But don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about a noisy, jostling crowd as you explore the galleries — this spot is not open to the public, so you have every opportunity to design and strategize your perfect proposal.

10. Big Talbot Island

Another gorgeous state park located in Jacksonville, Big Talbot Island is renowned as a choice destination for photographers and nature enthusiasts, among others. From bluffs to beaches, there is no shortage of picturesque locations within which you can craft a memorable engagement experience.

So, are you prepared for the proposal you’ve long dreamt of? Whether you’re still deciding on the engagement ring or thinking on whether or not it is better to go custom, Hemming Jewelers can guide you smoothly down the path to the aisle.

As Jacksonville’s #1 independent jeweler, we are familiar with all it takes to ensure you find or create the perfect ring for the occasion. If you have further questions or are ready to get started, contact Hemming Jewelers today by calling (904) 354-5959!