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Facing The Facts: How Jewelry Emphasizes Or Obscures Your Facial Features

We don’t always have the luxury of changing our biggest insecurities. We can, however, accept them, work around them, and learn how best to emphasize or obscure them, depending on our preferred approach.

And that’s where jewelry comes in. A simple and seamless means of making over our general appearance, the style, cut, and color of a piece can drastically change a person’s appearance, including their facial features.

In fact, some beauty specialists live by certain rules of style when it comes to face shapes. For example … 


  • Oval Faces

The oval face shape is considered the most versatile face shape, with a softly curved but slightly elongated appearance where the cheekbones sit as the widest point on the face. People with oval face shapes can wear just about any length or style of jewelry without it emphasizing any undesirable features, so feel free to go wild with your accessories!


  • Round Faces

The round face shape is softly curved, similar to the oval face shape, though it features nearly equal distance and width all around. People with this face shape often desire to create the illusion of a more lengthened appearance, thereby calling on longer jewelry. Aim for shoulder-dusting earrings and long, layered necklaces to help elongate your face shape, if this is you, and be sure to stay away from chokers or wide-sitting earrings.


  • Square Faces

People with the square face shape have a head shape where the distance from the top of the head to the chin is approximately the same as the width of the face. With a strong jawline, you’ll want to aim for hoop earrings and pendants that hang in a “U” shape to help soften the jawline and elongate the face. As with the round face shape, short and wide accessories may not be your best bet when it comes to jewelry.


  • Heart Faces

WIth wide brows, narrow chins, and slightly longer faces, people with the heart face shape will want to soften their jawline, as with the square facial shape, though they won’t want to emphasize their length. Therefore, shorter, chunkier necklaces or studded pearl earrings will help to create a greater sense of fullness around the chin and balance out your overall appearance.


  • Diamond Faces

Balanced and angular, the diamond face shape is more sharp and dramatic than the aforementioned four shapes. Similar to the oval face shape, however, those with a diamond shape will find that they have a more versatile ability to wear jewelry, though they may want to keep it minimal and simply aim for mid-hanging necklaces that emphasize and flatter the neckline.


All that being said, your facial shape is certainly not the most important factor to consider when shopping for jewelry. Your confidence is! Regardless of the “rules,” you should never limit or bar yourself from wearing certain jewelry styles just because it is considered less compatible with your facial shape.

Instead, wear whatever makes you feel most confident and happy! And if you’re looking for that new favorite piece, then it’s time to stop by Hemming Jewelers. As Jacksonville’s #1 independent custom jeweler, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. And if you don’t, we can custom-create your dream piece for you on-site! Be sure to contact us today at 904-354-5959 to learn more!