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Having A Hand on the Details: Rolex vs. Omega

Sometimes, a name is all you need to hear to be certain of a product’s quality. Other times, however, when a second name rises to rival the first, you’re left with more questions than you are answers.

And wristwatches are commonly scrutinized for these reasons. So, when faced with both Rolex and Omega — two of the top-named brands in the wristwatch industry — which should you go with?

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for, so let’s break them both down:

Reviewing the Wrist-Worthy Rolex

Where the watch industry typically features a standard two-year warranty for most brands, Rolex once again lives up to its reputation by more than doubling its warranty period to a total of five years. What’s more, Rolex undoubtedly has the highest resale value in the industry, making them an investment piece for many watch collectors.

“Rare” is another word one might apply to Rolex. After all, not only is it rarer to find imperfections on the watch face straight out of the box — particularly when compared to other brands — but the professional Rolex models are also rare.

In other words, they are not as readily available, and may even feature waiting lists of up to seven years should you desire a particular Rolex product.

And if you’re in it for the historical aspect of this accessory, Rolex certainly has plenty to offer. For example, divers might be drawn to the fact that Rolex is known as the first brand to have developed the first automatic waterproof wristwatch. Additionally, adventure enthusiasts can boast that Rolex was the first watch to ever make it to the top of Mt. Everest.

An Overview of the Awe-Inspiring Omega

Move over, Rolex, you’re no longer the only lauded watch brand to offer a five-year total warranty. In fact, Omega enters the picture with the same standard for protection, immediately placing it higher on the market ladder among other competitors.

That being said, Omega may, in some cases, fall shorter than Rolex in terms of quality and value. Namely, it features an average resale value — lower than that of Rolex — and is more likely to have occasional defects when first opened. This may include light scratches, dust on the dial, and more.

But that doesn’t mean you should discount Omega altogether. After all, this brand can also brag about its wide variety of models and products — the likes of which are more readily available to consumers in comparison to Rolex.

And, finally, history is also found in the Omega line; specifically, Omega was chosen by NASA as the first official watch to be worn on the moon

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