Linking The History: The Origin of the Cuban Chain

A symbol of status and an iconic fixation in certain music videos, the allure of a Cuban chain is undeniable.

Versatile and easily identified, this type of chain can be found all over Florida and beyond. But what, exactly, defines a Cuban chain? And where did they come from?


  • What Are Cuban Chains?

Chain links are invariably popular in jewelry. From thin links for demure necklaces to chunkier charm bracelets, seeing someone walking down the street proudly donning a chain of some sort is certainly no rare occurrence.

But what about Cuban chains? What is so distinctive about this particular type?

For one, Cuban chains feature interlocking pieces much larger than their traditional counterparts. Thicker in width and typically made of a gold material (though sometimes silver or platinum), Cuban chains are designed to carry larger pieces of embellishment or, at the very least, be large enough to act as a noticeable standalone piece unto itself.


  • Are They Actually Cuban?

Cuban chains are also known as Miami Cuban links, as this stylistic piece is said to originate in Miami and continues to remain a prominent stylistic choice among its residents. Regardless, Cuban chains are most likely the product of the 1970s hip-hop scene.

DJ Kool Herc, in particular, was known for his 1973 block parties in the Bronx, where attendees of his early hip-hop events became increasingly experimental in their fashion choices.

That being said, the exact time of the Cuban chain’s rise to mainstream popularity is still unclear, though many also believe they were born of the larger-than-life styles that erupted in the post-disco era.

After all, what else could you wear to both flaunt your wealth and offset your oversized sunglasses? Only the right bling would do.


  • Where Can I Find A Quality Cuban Chain?

While Cuban chains can be found and purchased all over Florida, it’s important to buy from a trusted source with reliable materials.

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