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Statement jewelry at Hemming Plaza Jewelers

Make a Statement

Statement jewelry at Hemming Plaza JewelersSpring 2018 is almost upon us and it’s bringing jewelry that makes a bold statement with it.  It’s all about pops of color, layered pieces, and the revival of brooches. This is the perfect time to add to your favorite styles as things heat up this season.

Pops of Color

From statement rings to earrings, don’t think twice about adding that extra pop of color next time you’re getting ready for a night out. Look for inspiration within earthy greens, yellows and blue tones. This season is honing in on good feelings with a pop of the 80’s. Pastels with bright accents have been spotted as well. Styling your new favorite brooch would be a great way to add that color you need.     

Layered Pieces

Pendants are all the rage right now which allows for a great bit of creativity next time you stop by your favorite jewelry store. From Marc Jacobs to Prada, pieces like butterflies and eclectic zoo animals have been spotted on Fashion Week runways. When figuring out the perfect combination of bracelets that gives your look the extra edge while not going overboard, stick to one color palette. This will tie everything together and attract the eye with a pleasing, coherent color scheme. You should start with some statement pieces and then work off of those, adding fun textures. Incorporating more than one metal or adding a pop of shine is an approach that never fails to spruce up a look.

Brooch Revival

Metals and beautiful gems have been popping up consistently on runways. Louis Vuitton is serving looks with multifaceted metal accent brooches that simultaneously clasp your blouse perfectly in place.  The “perfect accessory balance” as Vogue Paris would say. And art deco is always a signature trend that adds dimension to any look.  Think: the bigger, the better.