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March’s Bloodstone: A History of Blood, Courage, and Healing

When thinking of March birthstones, it’s natural that one’s mind may first turn to aquamarine. With a lovely oceanic name and matching watery hue, it might even make one forget about March’s other prominent birthstone: bloodstone.

But with allegedly strong metaphysical properties and a striking red-green appearance, we think it’s worth taking another look at. As such, here are some of the finer points of bloodstone’s history:


  • The Sun and the Son

Previously known as Heliotrope (derived from “helios,” the Greek word for Sun), bloodstone was said to have turned the reflection of the sun red when placed in a body of water.

Moreover, the stone is not only named for the red flecks which resemble droplets of blood, but some myths say that bloodstone is actually the product of the blood of Christ himself, from when droplets of his blood supposedly fell onto stones of jasper at the foot of the cross. For this reason, bloodstone is also referred to as “the martyr’s stone,” and many medieval carvings depicting Christ were completed in bloodstone.


  • Strength and Sex

Long known as a stone of courage, bloodstone is said to possess the power to instill bravery in its wearers. Ancient warriors supposedly donned the stone as they entered battle in an effort to protect themselves and enhance their mental clarity.

Strength aside, there is one other behavioral element bloodstone is said to aid: sex drive. Not only has bloodstone been used historically as an aphrodisiac, but it remains a prominent fixture in India today, where the stones are ground into a powder and sold for relatively high market prices.


  • Healing Blood Ailments

We would be remiss to discuss the finer points of bloodstone’s use without touching upon its historic use as a medical remedy. Long thought to be an effective cure for blood-related ailments, bloodstone has been used for a variety of common issues, ranging from nosebleeds to anemia and poor blood circulation.

Ground and mixed with egg whites, bloodstone was also once thought to eliminate tumors when applied topically.


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