pearls, brooches, and chain drop earrings

Pearls, Chain Drop Earrings, and Brooches

pearls, brooches, and chain drop earringsAs we head into 2018, Hemming Plaza Jewelers has chosen a few jewelry trends that will help you make a statement with your style for the new year!  Phenomenal pricing, a huge selection and all right in the heart of downtown Jacksonville!  Here are some of the hottest trends headed your way for the new year!

Pearls are still powerful.

Does the stoic beauty of pearls ever really go out of style?  Nope.  From the traditional string of delicate spheres to the asymmetrical charm of the Baroque variety, pearls are once again a staple of sophistication in accessorization for 2018.  Come by the shop downtown and find the perfect style to accentuate your look for the new year, and for years to come!

Chain drop earrings are universally chic.

Whether you’re going to New York, Paris, Milan or anywhere in between, chain drop earrings are a flattering choice for one and all.  Gold, silver or platinum, with or without gemstones these little (or big) danglers put you in a prime position to be the star on the red carpet or on the runway.  Let your style run wild in 2018!

Brooches are BACK!

Style is cyclical, and if you’re into brooches, then 2018 is your year to shine brightly!  Big, beautiful brooches are making a comeback thanks in no small part to the unique style sensibilities of the millennial generation.  Whether it’s pinned to a vintage members only jacket or adorning a stylish chapeau, the brooch has made itself known as a contender for 2018’s most boastful beauty accessory.

Don’t wait for spring to arrive to get your new year style on.  Come into Hemming Plaza Jewelers today and start putting together your signature look with our sizable selection of pearls, earrings, brooches and much, much more!  Get downtown and make your look your own today!