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sapphire jewelry in religion, royalty, and engagement rings for royalty

September’s Sapphire: A History of Royalty and Religion

While you may curate your jewelry collection based upon whether or not an item matches an outfit or your general taste in accessories, how often might you think about purchasing something because it helps you to feel … almost regal?


As September sweeps in to greet the new fall season, so, too, must we reflect on the beautiful blue gem by which the month is recognized: the sapphire. That is, we aren’t just here to claim that you’ll feel regal when you don the sapphire — we’re here to explain its history so that you may fully appreciate its meaning and impact!


  1. Hailing of the Heavens

“Why is the sky blue?”

How would you answer that question if a small child asked you? In 800 BC, the leaders of Ancient Persia would respond with what they believed to be a perfectly practical answer of their own: the sky is a reflection of sapphires, of course.


Otherwise, sapphires have long been regarded as a heavenly or otherworldly stone. For example, the Greeks were said to have worn a sapphire for wisdom as they approached Delphi to seek answers from the oracle at Apollo’s shrine, and some biblical stories recall that The Law given to Moses on the Mount had actually been engraved in sapphire. Additionally, in Medieval Times, clergymen of the Roman Catholic Church wore sapphire-colored robes to symbolize the heavens as they went about their religious work.


  1. The Color of Social Harmony

Members of royal lines reportedly wore sapphires for centuries, as the stones were rumored to have served two major purposes: to ward off harm, infidelity, and strong feelings of envy from those who remained close, as well as to continue to attract wealth and well-being to their (hopefully longstanding) rule.


But sapphires are not necessarily reserved for those descended from nobility. In fact, such gems have been rumored to possess metaphysical properties that bring both truth and chastity to the wearer’s life, as well as the ability to rein in blessings and good health.


  1. Ringing in the Romance

The sapphire was popularized in modern times thanks in part to the late Princess Diana. Her engagement ring — 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire — was considered unusual, but nonetheless became an accessory of admiration and recognition among the general populace.


Following her death, her youngest son, Prince Harry chose to hold onto her ring as a memento of her life. Prince Harry later gave that ring, however, to his older brother, Prince William, who would eventually propose to Kate Middleton with the sapphire ring in 2010.


Whether you believe in the mysterious properties of the sapphire or you simply wish to don its beauty to enhance your own, we know we have exactly what you need. Simply stop into Hemming Jewelers today to explore our collection or speak with a designer regarding a custom piece. Either way, we know you’ll walk away feeling like royalty!