The Grammys!

The current resurgence of the high collar necklace has us feeling nostalgic – although when you’re talking high fashion and the Grammy’s, this style is a far cry from the ones that the 90’s kids fell in love with, but somehow it makes sense to see them sparkle with diamonds and jewels. Especially when you consider that many of these artists came of age in the late 80’s and early 90’s, it makes sense they would be excited to get the super glam, grown-up versions of their childhood go-to style.


We started noticing the comeback of the collar necklace toward the end of last year, although then, it was somewhere between a choker and a collar, but it seems the trend is going strong, and getting even better as they add more and more DIAMONDS. First we would like to bring attention to the lady of the night, and by that we mean Lady Gaga. Her Tiffany necklace came from the jeweler’s Blue Book Collection which, according to Tiffany & Co, is the source of their most creative, most experimental and most innovative designs. We would have to agree that the collection of 100 carats of Tiffany diamonds alone on her neck was the highlight of our evening. Beautifully crafted and so sparkly! Dua Lipa, who was another a big winner that evening also wore a necklace that rested on her collarbone. This one was a little wider than Lady Gaga’s stunner, but they did have something else in common… DIAMONDS.


The theme of the night, much like our other most recent award shows, was once again, diamonds, diamonds, more diamonds and some earrings. Simple, but by no means plain. And the best example of that would be Cardi B’s stunning performance outfit, where she wore a Messika diamond collar necklace the audience could see all the way in the nosebleed section. There’s no question that Cardi B loves to be noticed and she sure knows how to get our attention. So, well done to the Grammy winner and her choice in decorations.


We love award shows, it’s a walking gallery of the most inspiring pieces of artwork, accentuated by beautiful diamonds and jewels. If you see any designs that inspire you, come into Hemming Jewelers and we can help you create a masterpiece of your own. We are, after all, Jacksonville’s number one independent custom jeweler. Contact us here to set up an appointment, or give us a call (904) 354-5959.