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The History of Citrine: Protection, Prosperity, and Popularity

Often mistaken as topaz, citrine is a lovely autumnal stone that is actually a yellow-brown incarnation of quartz. Found commonly in metaphysical shops and most jewelry storefronts today, this honey-colored gem, which is also one of November’s two birthstones, has long caught the eye of its beholders over the centuries.


  • Mystical Adornment

A trademark gem of the Hellenistic Age (which took place approximately 300 to 150 BC), the Greeks are widely regarded as the people who first chose to relish in citrine for its beauty and vibrancy, adorning both their jewelry and tools with the gem.

Prior to the Greeks, however, some believe citrine to have been one of the 12 stones worn by the High Priest Aaron on his breastplate as described in Exodus. Thus, the Bible may well be the first mention of citrine’s alleged history of mysticism and religion.


  • From The Outside, In

By the 17th century, the Scots, too, were found to have used citrine as a common decoration for their daggers and tools. In particular, the Scottish people reportedly crafted some weapons entirely of citrine, as some believed the stone could protect them from the plague, as well as the venom of a specific Scottish adder, thereby providing protection from the outside-in.

Later, citrine would experience a resurgence during the rise of the Art Deco movement, where it moved from mere jewelry ornamentation to fixtures inside the home, used on furniture and other household decor.


  • Citrine Today

Today, natural citrine (mined primarily in Brazil, Russia, and other areas) is somewhat of a limited commodity. However, mineralogists have found that they can heat treat amethyst or smoky quartz to produce the same aesthetic effect at a more affordable rate.

Otherwise, many modern believers in metaphysical spirituality claim that citrine is a stone of positivity and good fortune, capable of warding off negative energy and producing a measured level of success in business and commercial endeavors. Hence how it has also earned the nickname, “The Merchant’s Stone.”


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