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What’s trending now: Winter 2018

As 2018 rolls to a close, there is one trend that has remained constant, and that is voicing opinions. We all have them, and many feel the need to share. But there are some ways that are better, and classier, than others. Some take to social media, others take to the streets. We love bold thought and innovative ideas, and our favorite way to show them is through, you guessed it, jewelry!



  • Stay Strong, Make A Statement


One of our favorite trends we’ve noticed with our celebrity friends is statement jewelry. But we mean that in the most literal sense of the word. Not statement pieces, per se, but pieces of jewelry that actually contain or convey a statement. The most beautiful thing about this kind of self-decoration is that it can be as subtle or as bold as you like, and it can all be made and designed by you! And that’s what we love most about it. Allow us to elaborate: The idea isn’t new, but it’s being explored in so many different ways now.



  • Endless Engravings


Engraved watches are common, but engraved hoop earrings? Why not!? Necklaces with loved one’s names? Sure, but now try using interlocked big block letters instead of dainty cursive. Make it a statement on a piece by actually spelling it out! This is a neat, and trendy way to make your heart and feelings known without having to get it tattooed on your body. Use your words on a necklace made from foreign coins, or sketch them onto a chunky gold ring (think Lord of the Rings style). Get creative with it, and make any piece come to life by sharing what’s important to you through delicacy, beauty, and grace.



  • Big, Bold, Beautiful


“Go big or go home” is what they say, right? And this season, large and in charge jewelry is all the rage. From long, dangling necklaces to oversized hoop earrings to thick-cut jewels, there’s no way to say, “I’m here and I’m confident,” quite like big pieces of jewelry! Try looking into some creative oversized bangles or some brightly colored shoulder-sweeping earrings. We promise you won’t be disappointed when you find your voice via your accessories!


Hemming Jewelers is Jacksonville’s #1 independent custom jeweler, and we love helping our customers find what speaks to them. Allow us to help you share your voice with the world by getting creative and engraving some of your favorite statement pieces today because sharing is caring!