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An Untarnished Summer: Beach After-Care for Your Jewelry

With summer in full-swing, we know exactly what your regular destination will be: the beach.


Balmy, sunny, and replete with other beachgoers — both natives and tourists alike — sometimes you can’t help but want to stand out a little. And what better way to do that than to play up your beach accessories a little bit?


If this is your preferred method of making a statement, we applaud your sense of fashion! But we also, however, have three considerations for you to keep in mind as you reach for your bikini:


  1. Consider the Elements

Salt, sand, and sweat are to be expected of a typical beach day, but that doesn’t mean your jewelry is going to enjoy sunbathing nearly as much as you do. In fact, all three are factors that will contribute to an exaggerated rate of wear and tear for your favorite pieces.


Salt in the air and water, for example, will lead to corrosion on many of your precious metals. Meanwhile, sand will scratch the softer of your jewelry materials and your sweat is, well… an undesirable mix of the aforementioned two.


Further, be wary of how the direct sun exposure will fade, darken or otherwise discolor certain pieces, and sunscreen can make it easier for your small items, like rings, to slip off unnoticed.


     2. Consider the Material

Some materials, like copper and sterling silver, are more likely to tarnish when exposed to outdoor elements commonly found at the beach. So if you want to make waves with your accessories without the gritty pain of bearing the damage later on, we recommend you lean toward jewelry made of platinum or gold variations (think pure, rose, or white gold).


Otherwise, embellished pieces with tough stones can also make for a beachy pop of color. Again, just be sure to choose pieces that have tougher stones, like diamonds or rubies, which rank 10 and 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, respectively.


     3. Consider the Lines

Tan lines are typically a desirable form of evidence that you’ve spent adequate time at the beach — so long as those lines are in the right places.


And jewelry, particularly chunkier pieces, will skew your tan lines and make for a more difficult time correcting your skin tone as the summer progresses. Therefore, when heading out with your beach tote in hand, be sure to opt for skinner chains, rings, and anklets.


In this case, it’s the daintier, the better!


Ready to find your new summer statement piece? Here at Hemming Jewelers, we guarantee we have the perfect accessories to compliment your beach plans, from barefoot walks on the sand to grabbing post-wave drinks with your loved ones. Stop in to Jacksonville’s #1 independent jeweler today to dress up for your day out!