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Citrine and Topaz

Twin Gemstones

If November is your birth month, you are lucky enough to have a pair of beautiful gems to call your birthstones.  Topaz and citrine have both been revered for their warm, calming energies for centuries by many cultures, and are recognized to bring peace and good fortune to those who wear them.  Both topaz and citrine have versions that look so similar that they could be mistaken for each other.  While citrine tends to stay in the yellow-orange spectrum, topaz can be found in a variety of bright colors.  Let Hemming Plaza Jewelers give you a little rundown on these sister stones of November.

A Soothing Sign of Wealth

First let’s learn a little more about citrine.  As you may have guessed by the name, citrine is primarily found in colors ranging from pale yellow to an orangish brown, like a variety of citrus fruits.  It has been used across time and various cultures as a soothing, calming stone that was also seen as a sign of wealth.  The popularity of citrine soared when it was discovered that heating less expensive amethyst and smoky quartz to reproduce the honey gold tones and made citrine an inexpensive option for beautiful jewelry from rings to cufflinks.

A Stone of Many Colors

Topaz was thought to only be yellow for hundreds of years, and took its name from the island it was first thought to be mined on, Topazios (now known as St. John’s Island) in the Red Sea.  Topaz is actually colorless, and gains whatever color it has from naturally occuring impurities.  The stones that were mined on Topazios all those years ago most likely weren’t even actually topaz!


Both of these November birthstone can be made into affordable yet dazzling options from pendants to brooches to rings and cufflinks, and Hemming Plaza Jewelers can find you just what you are looking for.  Come by our shop at Hemming Plaza and see for yourself!