A man putting on a sleek watch beneath the sleeve of his formal suit.

Counting Down to Your Next Event: Which Watch Should You Wear?

One of the worst parts about getting ready for an event? Picking out what to wear.

And we don’t even necessarily mean the clothing items themselves; rather, we’re talking about the small details. The accessories. The watches.

So, if you’re a little lost on what item to keep reserved for your wrist before you RSVP, we’ve got you covered:

Fixing Up for the Formal Events

Formal events don’t only require a certain keen sense of fashion or the mere black tie after which your upcoming event might be named. No, formal events also depend on a certain level of recognition.

And not only your name — but the brand names you come clad in.

Thus, high-end parties, upscale balls, formal charity events, and more demand a name synonymous with sophistication. As a result, come time to pick out a watch, you’ll want to lean into the luxury of such names as…

  • Rolex
  • Cartier
  • Omega
  • Audemars Piguet
  • And more

Be it black tie or business formal, we also recommend that you keep the watch face simple yet elegant. Be sure it not only goes well with your suit but that it can fit easily beneath your sleeve.

The Intricacies of Informal Wear

The word “informal” can encompass a wide range of events — anywhere from business casual to general casual, urban chic, and more. Thus — contrary to popular opinion — informal outfits may actually prove more difficult to pair a watch with than a formal event would.

So, in these cases, why not return to a brand that is both refined and reliable, like Bulova?

This reputable brand offers a comfortable variety of watch styles for virtually any occasion. From chronographic faces to sleek clasps, homage pieces, and more, Bulova truly boasts the ideal collection to look at on any given day.

In these cases, we also recommend searching for either a metal or leather strap, depending on the occasion. And finally, we never stress enough how important it is to also match your watch to the rest of your ensemble.

Sleek, Chic, and Sporty

For more active or sports-related events, practicality is your priority.

Namely, shock resistance is a must if you will be climbing, running, jumping, or otherwise being jostled throughout the day. Conversely, if you plan on being in or around water, we recommend you go with a water-resistant watch or digital watch.

In fact, Citizen remains a highly lauded brand and is even known for its Promaster Diver BN0151-09L model — the likes of which comes with a unique ISO 6425 certification indicating that it is suitable for professional deep diving conditions.

Otherwise, if you’re not sure where to start in your watch search for an upcoming event, Hemming Jewelers, Jacksonville’s #1 independent jeweler, can help you beat the clock!

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