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Cuban Chain at Hemming Plaza Jewelers

Cuban Chains

Cuban Chain at Hemming Plaza JewelersChances are you’ve heard the term “cuban link chain” before but you still may be asking yourself what it is. A cuban link chain is one of the more popular styles of chain that is thicker in width which allows for further embellishment in terms of what the chain can hold. These versatile pieces can be worn everyday either by themselves or as a compliment to smaller chains. They can be made out of any type of metal such as silver, gold or platinum. Gold is definitely the most popular style. Chains can be plated or solid depending on how much you are looking to spend. In addition to the base metal, many choose to add a little bling on top by encrusting it in diamonds or similar gems that compliments the metal well. They typically come in sizes ranging from 8mm to 14mm however if you have a specific look in mind, most jewelers will be able to work with you.

Now that we have more information on what exactly a cuban link chain is, you are probably wondering if this is the piece for you. The cuban chain has a strong presence in Miami so anywhere you go in the state of Florida as well as other urban areas,  you will without a doubt fit the trend. That’s why Hemming Plaza Jewelers has a wide variety of chains to choose from so that you can be adorned with a piece that will keep you stylish and current. These statement pieces are not only for men either, celebrities like Rihanna have been spotted rocking  some beautiful cuban links. Maybe you’ve even heard Soulja Boy’s song “Cuban Link,” that was released in 2013, five years later and they’re still as popular as ever.

No matter where you are going, you can’t go wrong when wearing your cuban link chain. Don’t worry about spending the extra money on it either, this timeless piece is not going out of style anytime soon.