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Custom Ring Hemming Plaza Jewelers

Custom Jewelry May Be The Best Option

Custom Ring Hemming Plaza JewelersWhen thinking of authentic jewelry, most likely the word “investment” will follow suit at some point in your mind. Diamonds and various gemstones are some of the most beautiful things this earth has given us, however, they come at a cost. That’s why custom jewelry is always the best option. You deserve to stand out from the crowd and own your look! Even better, you can rework a family heirloom into a new age piece that’s bound to turn heads!


The art of making custom jewelry is a craft that everyone shouldn’t be trusted with. Afterall, the most important part of jewelry creation is the vision.  The best part of working with a jeweler to create your personalized look is that you can reference their expertise while making decisions. The level of involvement you have in the design of the piece is completely up to you. Whether you have a few important details or the whole piece designed in your head down to the smallest detail, consulting with a professional is the best place to start.

Bringing your custom piece to life

Getting into the specifics, you want a piece with some nice shape. You should do some research on what metals, styles and gems catch your eye so you have a basis to work off of.  There are cut variations such as a filigreed, traditional design or clean-lined contemporary as well as over 200 variations of gemstones, so take your time to ensure your selection is perfect! If you are truly unsure of what direction to go, your jeweler is always available to offer some assistance. As you delve into the process you will see how many options there truly are! 

Following the consultation process, contact will be maintained so that you can monitor the process and discuss any revisions that may need to be made. If you’re stressing about the process at all, don’t worry, we offer jewelry insurance.