Digging In To DIY & Custom Creations

From charming fused bracelets to unique resin-based creations, we expect there will never be a shortage of creative trends in the jewelry industry.

The only problem, however, is that not everyone has the necessary funds to keep up with or participate in the current trends, particularly when you have to go into a brand-name store to get your hands on a specific type of piece.

Thankfully, DIY jewelry is never out of style, especially when it involves gleaming pieces of metal found around the home!

Curving Coins Into Your Collection

Struggling to spend that spare change? Try making a different kind of wish with your metal coins by spinning (well, hammering) them into your new favorite DIY rings!

Coin rings are a classic staple of DIY jewelry, capable of being ground, bent, and polished into individual pieces that either resemble the original coin face or are smoothed down into a blank slate depending on what you desire.

From pennies to nickels and quarters, the process for the ring first involves hammering down the center so that the edges stand taller all around the perimeter. From there, you’ll drill a hole into the center before shaving it outward, effectively creating the band. Finally, you’ll sand and polish the ring and… voilà! Your DIY endeavors have been seen through to completion.

That being said, if you opt for a smooth finish, you may also consider etching or engraving something into the surface of your coin ring for an added personalized touch.

Cutting to the Chase with Cutlery

If you have extra cutlery lying about — or if you’ve taken a shine to some thrifty pieces at a garage or estate sale — you can reinvigorate them by incorporating them into your jewelry.

For example, you can easily turn a spoon into a cupped necklace pendant. Either bend the spoon all the way back till the back of the spoon head touches the handle (thereby creating its own necklace hoop), or grind off the handle and drill a hole into the remaining base of the spoon.

Either way, you can use glue or resin to further decorate the inside of the pendant before looping in a chain.

Otherwise, you could also take the handle of the cutlery — either a spoon or fork — and separate the handle from the head of the utensil. By bending and hammering the metal handle around in a circle, you’ll have another new ring that is individualized according to the unique design of the cutlery itself.

Becoming Accustomed to Custom

Perhaps you don’t have the necessary tools or space to pursue anything similar to the aforementioned DIY ideas — that’s okay, too!

Here at Hemming Jewelers, we offer custom-design services for our customers, thereby ensuring you can always walk away with a piece of jewelry that is perfectly suited to your personality.

No matter the metal, we have the means to make it happen. So, are you ready to work with Jacksonville’s #1 independent jeweler? If so, contact us today by calling 904-354-5959!