Engagement Rings - Trends for 2016 Brides

Engagement Rings – Trends for 2016 Brides

Engagement Rings - Trends for 2016 BridesSnapping a picture of an engagement ring has recently become a common way for future brides to announce their impending nuptials on social media. Of course, engagement rings have been around much longer than social media. Sometimes engagement ring trends follow the general jewelry trends in the world, but they sometimes go in their own direction. Here are some of the standout engagement ring styles and trends for 2016.

Distinct Diamond Colors

When Ben Affleck gifted then-fiancée Jennifer Lopez with a beautiful pink diamond engagement ring, it was a surprise; a departure from the ideal of the classic clear diamond. Years later, however, the trend of colored diamonds caught on like wildfire. This year, some of the most popular colors for diamonds include canary, pink and even chocolate.

Marquise-Cut Diamonds

Marquise cuts are making the rounds as one of the major jewelry trends this year, so it should come as no surprise that they’re also featured in many popular engagement rings. The marquise cut is known for being exceptionally flattering and eye-catching, so it’s easy to see why this classic cut has made its way back onto runways, red carpets and bridal aisles around the world.

Tie Everything Up with a Bow

Another jewelry trend that’s lighting up Instagram feeds is a bow accent on a ring. An ornate bow—or even a few bows—can truly make an engagement ring pop. This fashionable detail is sure to elicit compliments.

Vintage: Something Old and Something New

Within the past year, one of the hottest jewelry trends has been vintage pieces or even pieces that are vintage-inspired. Engagement ring trends have followed suit, with many brides requesting a ring with traditional accents.

Rose Gold

Appearing on smartphones or watches with increasing regularity, rose gold has been trending wildly for the past few months. It’s not surprising that this beautiful gold variation is also making its way into engagement rings; rose gold is both photogenic and feminine.

Halo Rings

Always a popular engagement ring design option, halo rings are brilliant for setting off the center stone, making it appear even more impressive. Nowadays, brides who crave a halo effect will be pleased to note that there are now more varieties available than ever. Those with more unconventional tastes will be pleased to see that there are a plethora of edgy choices now available.

Mixed-up Metals

Another exciting development has been the use of mixed metals in rings. Many brides are choosing to step away from gold and go for some other, equally interesting metals. Even tungsten has shown up on the fingers of a few brides, highlighting the beautiful possibilities of going with an alternative metal.