Gold & Silver – When To Wear What

Deciding whether or not to wear gold or silver jewelry may be a struggle for you. In the past, people would be told to select the metal that goes best with their skin tone. If you have a darker complexion with yellow undertones you were to choose gold, if you have a lighter complexion with rose undertones you were to choose silver. While skin tone may play a slight role in deciding your jewelry metal, it really should depend on what you are wearing – colors, style, etc.

Gold & Fashion

A warm dress with earthy tones might look best with gold pieces, such as golden hoop earrings or layered necklaces. Bohemian, nautical, vintage, or preppy fashions are ensembles that usually benefit from gold jewelry.

When To Wear Silver

Silver, on the other hand, tends to look best with cool and icy toned clothing. A silver cocktail ring or diamond earrings can instantly add drama and tie together an elegant look.


There is always the option to go against the traditional norms and mix and match. Delicate and dainty gold and silver pieces tend to play together nicely, so just wear your pieces with confidence and you will rock it.