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How to Travel Safely With Jewelry

The holiday season is all but at our doorstep, which means the time for booking tickets, boarding flights, and playing suitcase Tetris is upon us. But as you stuff your bags to the brim with wardrobe options and seasonal goodies for your loved ones, how are you planning to protect your jewelry?

If you find yourself contemplating the same question, we’re here to help. Here are some simple DIY travel hacks for bringing your jewelry on the go:


  • On A Roll

A straightforward means of both organizing and protecting your jewelry on the go is to simply buy a jewelry roll organizer (yes, those are a thing). These will hold your accessories in different compartments and roll them in a bundle to save room in your bag. Otherwise, taking an empty makeup bag and organizing your jewelry that way will also provide a simple and easy means of packing your precious accessories into your carry-on, lest anything happen to your luggage.


  • Handy Around the House

Don’t have a jewelry roller? No problem. Just find a small, soft washcloth and use that as your own DIY roller on the go! Looking for a better way to keep your necklaces from tangling while getting jostled on the road? Clasp the chain through a household plastic straw to keep them neat, separate, and knot-free.

There are plenty of household items that will keep your jewelry safe and clean when it’s time to pack up — the only question is how creative you want to get with your solutions. Have at it!


  • When It’s Time to Be Choosy

If all else fails in your packing endeavors, the safest way to travel is honestly to leave your most expensive jewelry at home. Opt to travel with your thrift store items or, at the very least, items you won’t find yourself grieving over should they be lost or damaged in transit.

Remember to choose carefully and keep any key items on your person while traveling.


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