July’s Ruby: A History of Life, Wellness, and Spirituality

From China’s ancient North Silk Road to the glass encasement of a modern jewelry shop, the ruby’s tale is one that is as far-reaching and timeless as the accessories on which they sit.

And as we journey through the heat of July, we have the opportunity to not only celebrate those born in this fiery summer month, but to celebrate the fiery gem whose history is replete with life and vigor.

Introducing: The history of July’s ruby … 


A Lovely Gem for Livelihood

Offering one both protection and the opportunity to live in peace and prosperity, the ruby was once regarded as the ideal gem to behold for those seeking a better life. For example, Ancient Hindu lore says that those who offered rubies to the god Krishna would be granted rebirth as emperors, whereas other cultures believed that one could wear a ruby over their heart to promote peaceful living with their neighbors or landlords.

Additionally, the ruby was used as a talisman to protect the lives of warriors who left home. Ancient Chinese warriors, for instance, were said to have adorned their swords and armor with this gem to afford them enhanced physical protection. Burmese warriors, on the other hand, took it a step further by actually inserting the rubies into their flesh for a similar method of defense.


The Ruby as a Remedy

With a gem the color of life itself, it’s no wonder some would conclude that the ruby would hold power over blood and bodily functions. Said to ease excessive bleeding and ease blood-related ailments, rubies were also believed to help remedy inflammation, increase circulation and warmth, and altogether promote a sense of health and wellness.

But alleviating anemia and preventing hemorrhages isn’t where it ends; Rubies were also particularly revered in the Middle Ages as their properties were said to help relieve those suffering from the plague or dying of poison.


Fanning the Flames of Life and Light

One of the most captivating myths behind the ruby is one that says an eternal flame resides within the gem itself. Capable of boiling water and essentially inextinguishable, this flame is what infuses the ruby with its strong color (and thus its name), and may be why they are considered one of the 12 stones to have been created by God.

Others believed that spirits inhabited the gems, meaning that there may be other mystical reasons for their internal life other than that of fire. Finally, some lore merely indicates that rubies are known to wield magical powers that help them banish anger, dispel evil, and end disputes between people, thus enhancing one’s experience of a pure life.


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