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March 13th Is National Jewel Day

As Jacksonville’s number one custom jewelers, it’s no surprise that we love all things jewels and gemstones. So, we want to encourage our fellow jewelers, and jewelry lovers alike, to show their shared appreciation by representing on National Jewel Day on March 13th!


This is a great time to dig through your collection to take stock of what you have to really evaluate your inventory. Is there anything you haven’t seen in a while, that you want to find? Any tangled necklaces you’ve been meaning to uncouple? Take this day of observation to appreciate what you have, and you can also take care of the ones you love by using the universal language of jewelry to tell them how you feel.


Looking for other ways to celebrate this nationally designated day? One nice way to appreciate jewels, as well as show our appreciation for our loved ones at the same time, would be to host a jewelry exchange event. As everyone ages, we begin to hoard a collection of various objects, jewelry being among them. Have you been holding onto any family heirlooms that might be appreciated by younger generations? What about a favorite watch you never wear, that would make a meaningful gift to someone who reminds you of yourself at that age. Regifting jewelry is a gift of history, herstory, and value of raw materials, all wrapped into one shiny and lovely display of affection.


There are so many ways that sentiment seems to etch itself in the pieces we purchase for ourselves, almost more than the ones given to us. Have you ever rewarded yourself for a job well done, or a promotion, by buying an extravagant gift of the jeweled variety? Watches are always a good choice, but rings, bracelets, cufflinks, or broaches can all display the same message of pride in one’s self. So, if you feel like you’ve done a really good job lately, and want to show yourself some appreciation… Whether you’ve knocked it out of the park momming it or dadding it, made a killer sale, saved a life, saved a relationship, made someone smile or just feel like you’ve earned it by just being you, go out there and commemorate your success on National Jewel Day by getting one of your very own.


Hemming Jewelers is always here to help you create your own special masterpiece, or choose from the dozens of designs we have in-house, as well as everything in between. Stop in and see us sometime, when you’re in the market, or just strolling through Hemming Park on a lovely spring day. We look forward to seeing you.