Aquamarine is also used to celebrate 19th wedding anniversaries

March Birthstone, Aquamarine, Has Interesting History


Aquamarine is also used to celebrate 19th wedding anniversariesWhen it comes to birthstones, few are as dazzling, symbolic and eye-catching as the March birthstone, aquamarine. This gemstone boasts a fascinating past, and its stunning appearance is sure to impress anyone who sees it. The March birthstone possesses an exotic and interesting history.

For a long time, aquamarine was used as an amulet by sailors and those who wanted to protect loved ones who were out exploring the open sea. Some crafty sailors would even carve Neptune, the god of the sea, into their stones for even more good luck. It was believed that the light greenish blue shade would calm the ocean waters, making them placid and easy to pass.

This wasn’t the only way that aquamarine has been used for supernatural purposes. At one time, people believed that this beautiful March birthstone had the capacity to cure all kinds of illnesses, from heart disease to a sour stomach. Those who wanted to invoke the magical powers of aquamarine would simply soak the stone in some water and then drink the water in which the stone had been sitting. There was also lore about aquamarine protecting those who were engaged in battle, as well as making the person who wore it very calm and even-tempered.

Nowadays, of course, aquamarine is used for more decorative purposes. Those who have a March birthday are often enthusiastic to buy jewelry that features their special aquamarine birthstone. Used in a multitude of designs, from cocktail rings to elegant necklaces, aquamarine has a way of capturing the attention of a crowd. Aquamarine is also used to celebrate 19th wedding anniversaries.

In the past few years, aquamarine jewelry has made a resurgence, showing up on the necks, wrists and fingers of A-list celebrities. Women tend to be particularly thrilled by this stone, which complements a variety of different eye colors and skin tones. It is versatile in the way it can be cut and even looks good in its natural state, which is rare.

Perhaps it is not surprising that this exotic stone can be found in an array of diverse places all over the world, from Brazil to Mozambique and Pakistan. In Pakistan, miners even ascend to 15,000 feet in order to pluck the precious stone from the earth.