Men's Watch Trends in 2016

Men’s Watch Trends in 2016

Men's Watch Trends in 2016The trend in men’s watches for 2016 is toward technology and style. A number of famous wrist wear brands are adding smart and connected timepieces to their lines. [2] Besides the new watches’ technical capabilities, these devices are turning into fashion centerpieces. Here are some characteristics to consider and a sample of the latest and greatest men’s watches available.

Customization is Key

In the past, many men wore engraved watches. However, 2016 is going even further into the world of personalization. Watches are being introduced with interchangeable straps in a variety of colors and materials. For instance, Farer markets timepieces with black mesh, silicone, and silver and gold choices. [1] Other companies are offering the ability to customize a watch’s face or chronograph markers.

Is Bigger Still Better?

For years, men’s watches were extremely large and bulky. The newer pieces are getting smaller. Many designers feel enormous watch faces are not elegant and have an outdated appearance. Most brands are now marketing watches under 42 millimeters. To remain on trend, a man might consider switching to a watch with a classic dial and a slim case and strap.

White Metal is Hot

2016 is the year for white gold and similar metals, which have distinctive masculine looks. White metal gives a polished and sophisticated appearance that is more rugged than yellow or rose gold.

Smart Technology

As more and more individuals crave technology, wristwatches with connective capabilities will be one of the biggest trends for 2016. Even though Google Glass and the Apple Watch did not launch to tremendous success, wrist tech is catching on and will increase in the current year and beyond.

Newest Watches for 2016

In November 2015, Tag Heuer announced it would release a smartwatch. Its “Carrera Connected” sold out almost immediately, but more are scheduled to ship throughout 2016. It is branded as a luxury device that does not look like an ordinary smartwatch, but offers tech capabilities that will propel the brand into the future. [#link44] The Carrera Connected starts at $1,500.

Citizen has also launched a new watch called the Promaster Navihawk GPS. The most notable innovation, here, is the eco-drive technology. There is no battery to replace, and all power comes from the sun. The watch boosts the quickest signal reception from GPS satellites as well. Its “super titanium” makeup is five times harder than stainless steel. [3] Also included are a rotating bezel, chronograph, perpetual calendar and dual time options.

It appears 2016 will be an exciting year for the time-keeping industry. Men’s watches will see the convergence of technology and function. Wrist wear will play an important part of fashion, as well. Thanks to available customization options, a man will be able to create a piece that speaks to his true personality and style. To select the perfect watch for 2016, visit Hemming Plaza Jewelers. We offer the newest designs from the quality brands you recognize and trust.