Engagement rings are lined up across a woman's middle finger in a close-up shot of her hand.

New Year, New Engagement Ring Trends

In the blink of an eye, the year is already coming to an end. How crazy is that? It seems like the years are going by faster and faster! This year was full of ups, downs, fads, and trends. But, with a new year on the horizon, 2023 trends will come around faster than you expect!

There are tons of trends in the jewelry industry, but some of our favorite trends are for engagement rings — one of the most meaningful pieces you can buy. We’re going to be kicking off the new year season with some 2023 engagement ring trends!

New Year, New Vibes

The new year’s engagement ring trends encompass a wide range of styles — from setting, placement, and color, there’s something for everyone.

According to Rachel Zoe, “Recently, too, engagement ring shoppers are becoming more interested in every detail of their purchase. They aren’t only looking at the design of the ring, but also the diamond’s quality and most importantly, how their purchase can impact the environment.”

Projected trends for 2023 engagement rings include:

  • Bezel settings – thin metal rim encasing the edges of the stone
  • Black diamonds – a bold twist on the classic white diamond
  • Antique cuts – a unique and timeless option for those who have an old soul
  • Unique settings – an elevated design that lets the diamond’s personality shine through
  • Cluster stones – a modern take on the traditional single-stone ring
  • Emerald stones – an eye-catching alternative to a diamond for those who want a pop of color
  • Mixed metals – a beautiful contrast that makes your ring pop
  • Lab-grown diamonds – an environmentally-friendly option that’s climate neutral & has a net zero carbon footprint

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Choose Hemming This New Year

With the new year right around the corner, our team at Hemming Jewelers is here to help you start the year off in style. We even offer unique services like engravings and custom pieces — add to the trend!

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