Personalize Your 2020 With Personalized Jewelry

As we enter a new year — and a new decade — many people are invariably taking this opportunity to inspect their lives, relationships, and habits with refreshed eyes. After all, with a blank slate of a year stretching before you, how could you not want to delve into a sense of self-improvement?

If you find yourself nodding in enthusiastic agreement, you’re likely the sort of person who also hopes to upgrade the quality of affection you show to those dearest to you. The good news? Not only is this year replete with opportunities to achieve this goal (from anniversaries to birthdays and more), but jewelry offers an easy means of presenting perfectly personalized gifts!


  • Beautifying With Gemstones

Nothing says, “your birthday has meaning in my life” quite like the gift of a birthstone. Not only does it uniquely identify the one you love, but birth-related gemstones are also some of the most versatile gems to accessorize with! Otherwise, there are always other gems that have meaning outside of birthdates. For example, not only are garnets the birthstone of those born in January, but they are also historically an ideal gem to gift to your spouse on the date of your second anniversary.


  • Enhancing With Engravements

Engraving a message into rings, bracelets, or other metallic gifts is perfect for tugging on your loved one’s heartstrings. For instance, you can engrave your spouse’s wedding ring with the date you met or were married, or you might engrave a message of familial affection into the locket you’re planning to buy for your mother. In all, it’s one thing to simply buy a gift — but it’s another to take that gift the extra mile with a permanent message of your love.


  • Courting With Customization

If engraving and gemstones simply don’t cut it, then it’s time to take it up a notch by inserting your personal touch. Creating custom jewelry is a surefire means of impressing your loved one while also impressing them with your forethought and knowledge of their taste — particularly if an engagement is on the horizon. And what’s better? You don’t have to break the bank to achieve such a gift! The sky is the limit, regardless as to whether you’re looking to design earrings, a new wedding band, or something else.


No matter how you hope to launch into 2020, Hemming Jewelers is your go-to resource for all of your jewelry-related needs and desires! Come visit us on the corner of Monroe and Hogan or call us at (904) 354-5959 to learn more about our services and to browse our selection. We look forward to helping you find the perfect gift this year!