Pop the Champagne, Pop the Question: 5 New Year’s Proposal Ideas

With the conclusion of yet another year, you can’t help but come to a heart-stopping realization: There’s only one person you want to embark on the journey into the next year with.

In other words, you’re ready to propose!

But with the holidays around the corner and a flurry of winter activity on the horizon, how, you may wonder, can you make a New Year’s proposal actually stand out?

Don’t worry, romantic recommendations just happen to be a specialty of ours…

  • Food, Fulfillment, Fiancée

Bring the whole year (and your relationship) full circle by booking a reservation at a restaurant that holds significance for you both. Whether you went there for your first date or said “I love you” for the first time over a romantic meal at the table, she’s sure to cherish the charming moment when you pop the question here.

What’s more, you get to enjoy the joyful atmosphere of the holiday season while relishing a new moment that you can always return to for years to come… literally!

  • Ring It In With Resolutions

Take your loved one by the hand and pick a day where you’ll create your New Year’s resolutions together. Here, you should promise one another to help participate in both shared goals throughout the year to come. Whether you write your resolutions on a slip of paper or create vision boards, the key here is to not peek!

Once you’ve both finished, share your resolutions. When she sees yours is to spend the rest of your lives together, we guarantee she’ll be swooning.

  • Fanning The (Romantic) Flames With Fireworks

Nothing says “romance” quite like setting up an intimate picnic retreat during which you two can wine, dine, and watch the New Year’s fireworks show together. We recommend putting the diamond ring box at the bottom of the basket (not in the food itself). Then, once the fireworks begin and you reach in for the finishing touches, she’ll just think you’re reaching for dessert!

Thus arrives the perfect moment to dazzle her and pop the question. There’s sure to be fireworks in your kiss, too.

  • The Diamond Sparkles While You Shine

One way to ensure you’ll never forget the moment she says “yes” will be to set up a photoshoot. Tell her that you want to end the year with a photoshoot to celebrate the time spent together and, in the spirit of New Year’s, involve sparklers!

Just when the shutters begin to click, that’s when you go down on one knee. The ambiance of a romantic night with sparklers in the background will make for a magical story captured on film.

  • Arrange an Intimate Morning

Who says a New Year’s proposal has to take place on New Year’s Eve? Particularly if your bride-to-be is more inclined to a small, personal engagement, waiting until the morning of January 1st would be the perfect way to bring her breakfast in bed — complete with flowers and a ring box.

A sweet intimate gesture like this is sure to be one that stays with you forever, because there’s no better way to wake up than next to the person you love most.

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