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Singing the Praises of Watch Appraisals

Perhaps you’re ready to part ways with an old watch in order to gather the funds to finally purchase yourself a newer, more impressive model. Or perhaps you’re simply beginning to catalog the various values of your assets in order to get all of your insurance forms in alignment.

In any case, the first step to completing any such desires with your watches requires one thing — for you to obtain a concrete number.

And the way to accomplish this? Simple: schedule an appraisal.

What Is An Appraisal?

Watch appraisals are the process by which a professional appraiser evaluates the rarity, appearance, functionality, and overall quality or condition of a watch in order to determine its dollar value.

These appraisals may be used for several things, such as determining the cost of a replacement for insurance purposes or to provide the taxable value of the watch for sales purposes.

In most cases, appraisals are kept private between the watch owner and the appraiser, with the value of the item not being released to any other third parties unless agreed upon by the two individuals.

How Will I Know How Much My Watch Is Worth?

While it is only the appraiser who will be able to provide you with a specific number, there are still some factors you can take into consideration yourself to get an idea as to what, specifically, may impact the value of your used watch.

For example, brand authenticity will be one of the first elements of the watch an appraiser will look at. Some of the most highly-lauded watch brands (and thus of higher value) include Rolex, Piaget, Breitling, and more.

The current condition of the watch will also play an important role in the process. Even if your item is a Rolex, if it is dented or non-functional, the value of the watch itself will likely be diminished. The newer the watch, the better. Finally, the quality of craftsmanship — both with regards to its mechanics and exterior aesthetics — will also be examined by your appraiser.

Where Can I Get An Appraisal?

When dealing with the monetary value of your assets, you always want to seek out a certified professional — so why not start with a locally-owned and trusted business, such as with Hemming Jewelers?

Our appraiser, David A. Breitmoser, is not only a Jacksonville native associated with the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, but he also received his diploma from the renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Hemming Jewelers is Jacksonville’s #1 independent custom jeweler, as well as the community’s choice location for jewelry and watch appraisals alike. If you have further questions or are ready to schedule an appraisal appointment with our team, contact us today by calling (904) 354-5959!