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Summer 2019 Trend to Watch!

Summertime means fun in the sun, minimal clothing, and collecting experiences. Whether you have the opportunity to head to a tropical destination, or decide to stay put and enjoy our local shores – lightweight jewelry is usually the key to enjoying this hot weather.  


The 2019 trend that stood out the most to us is a new take on an old classic: the puka shell, woven hemp necklaces of our past have become colorfully adorned with gold, beads, pearls and charms to reveal a lovely updated spin on a much loved oldie-but-goodie. 


We are seeing small layering necklaces, accompanied by shells galore as people are harnessing the spirits of ‘nature meets travel’. These items can be dressed up or down, with the versatility to move from day to night seamlessly. Due to the elegant nature of our precious metals, and the colorful nature of the lacquered shells, these pieces have seen a serious upgrade. Whether you’re reaching for a bracelet, choker or layering necklace – we’re finding this summer trend resurgence on every type of jewelry you can hang, pierce, or wrap around that freshly tanned skin of yours. 


What we are loving about this trend, is that it takes us back to the days of middle school DIY projects after spending days collecting shells and shark teeth. It’s a return to innocence, a resurgence of simplicity, all while getting a much needed designer’s touch. 


So whether you have your old puka shell necklace stashed away in your “memory box” or feel like trying out some of the elevated examples on the market today – rock your island style with a smile knowing you’re on trend, once again, with the latest and greatest of summer 2019. 


Hemming Jewelers is always up for a challenge, and considering the fact that we are Jacksonville’s #1 custom jeweler, come and put our title to the test! Bring in your shark teeth, sea glass and shells and see what we can do for you! Don’t buy an assembly line knock-off from one of those mega-stores, get creative with your finds, and allow us to design a custom summer piece just for you!