The Emmys!

Celebrities are always on the forefront of fashion trends. And why not! It’s part of their job to be influencers, and they can afford teams of experts adorning them from head to toe with the latest and greatest! From bare chests and bold ears and bangles, here are the trends we saw emerge at the 2018 Emmys this year.


Less is More (Sometimes)

Of course we would never tell you that less jewelry in our lives is a good thing, but sometimes a few perfectly placed statement pieces are all you need to make an impression. At this year’s Emmys, we noticed a lot of bare chests on our favorite female celebrities on the red carpet. Sometimes you can shine by allowing your bare skin to be the statement piece, drawing the eyes upward and outward. And many times with formal wear, the dresses can also be so ornate, that it leaves little room around the neck for sparkle.


It’s All About the Earrings!

Bringing the attention back up to the head, the perfect pair of earrings will accentuate your face better than any make-up can, and we saw it all! Long and thin, big and bulky, round and shiny. This year’s belles gave us a look at everything with their variety of ear bling. Skipping the necklaces and going bold with the ears is a brilliant way to remain looking elegant and subtle while still showing your style. Instead of bisecting the head from the chest with a chunky necklace, a solo pair of earrings tends to elongate the neck, much like your favorite pairs of heels can make your legs look longer. Our favorite earring trends we are seeing emerge are the medium sized hoops, and long thick drop earrings. Mixing pearls with gemstones, and diamonds galore, this year’s Emmys showed us that bringing the attention upward is always a good thing.


Bangles and Bold Rings

From the the beautiful collection of earrings, our eyes were guided downward, past the gowns, straight to the wrists and hands. Along with simplicity and unadorned chests, we noticed a sparse collection of platinum and diamond bangles, paired with the perfect large ring. Modesty was definitely this year’s policy, and we loved all the beautifully crafted and strategically placed bling.


Subtle sparkle kept it sweet and simple this year at the 2018 Emmys, and we adored all the looks our fabulous celebs pulled out. So, regardless which look was your favorite, come see us today and we can make it happen at Hemming Jewelers.