The Future Is Fusion: All About Fused Bracelets

From oversized hoop earrings to bold neon beads and other such eye-catching items, jewelry trends rise and fall with the start of every season. It’s expected in the world of fast fashion, and most times, consumers don’t necessarily expect otherwise as time goes on.

Every once in a while, however, a rare trend just might make enough of a name for itself to remain prominent.

And the fusion bracelet is one such example.

How Fusion Came Into Fame

Bracelets that are welded directly onto a customer’s wrist with the intention of permanency — also known as fused bracelets or zapped bracelets — first came about as a product of the renowned New York-based jewelry shop Catbird.

Having opened a “Welding Annex” that quickly took celebrities, social media, and the world by storm, customers enthusiastically arrive every day to soon be adorned with a light, claspless chain.

Since their zapping process took off, other jewelry companies — like  L’Essenziale in Paris — have hopped onto the welding train to solder their way into similar heights of success.

Don’t worry, though. There’s no fire actually involved in the welding process; rather a small jolt of electricity is used to connect the two points of the chain in a process that takes less than three minutes in total.

Experiences, Emotions, Enhanced Jewelry

In most cases, these fused bracelets are chosen not necessarily for the experience of taking part in a new trend or phenomenon, but rather for the emotional intention that any one customer may walk in with.

“Like any piece of jewelry you wear every day — an heirloom ring, your favorite necklace, or the semipermanent hoops lining your ears — the chains quickly become little symbols or reminders,” Vogue explained in an article.

Friends and family members may choose to book back-to-back appointments in celebration of their history and love, or individuals may have other more personal anecdotes behind their decision.

In any case, however, take note: Most of these jewelry stores do specify that clients must be, at minimum, ten years of age to undergo the zapping/fusing/welding process. Minors must also be accompanied by an adult.

When It Comes To Commitment

Last but not least, rest assured that this permanent bracelet doesn’t have to be, well, permanent.

Should you need it removed, a pair of scissors and a small snip is all it will take to remove the chain — and yes, you can always go back to the original store of purchase to have it re-soldered for a small fee.

But while bracelets are up and coming, nothing can steal the crown of commitment away from the renowned engagement ring or classic heirloom! And if you’re looking to pop the question or propose a new addition to your jewelry collection this year, Hemming Jewelers has everything you need.

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