Things To Consider When Buying Jewelry For Your Man

Looking for some tips on how to buy some masculine jewelry for that boyfriend/hubby/special guy in your life?  Finding the right piece for him is not as easy as you wish it would be.  Hemming Plaza Jewelers is here with the 411 on what to look for when you are shopping for your man!

Find Something To Match His Body Type

Finding a “manly” enough piece for your guy can be tough.  If he is a burly lumberjack-type, he may not be comfortable sporting a dainty pendant or shiny ring.  Knowing the man you are trying to buy something for will go a long way in helping to figure out what they will and won’t wear.  

Appeal To His Style

Check out his personal style and find something that suits his tastes.  Does he like gold or silver?  Something around his neck, his wrist or his finger?  Odds of him liking and actually wearing what you get him increases dramatically if you try to align your picks with his subtle style cues.

Are Gemstones Right For Him

Choose your gemstone wisely.  If he has a job that requires a lot of physical labor or extended use of his hands in a tough environment, then maybe a jewel encrusted watch isn’t the right choice.

Size Matters

Chain length is crucial as well.  If you choose to go the necklace route instead of a watch or ring, be aware of your man’s neck and chest when you are choosing a chain for him.  Too long, and it can be a safety hazard, too short and it becomes a fashion faux pas.  Does he wear his collars open or buttoned up?  Ask yourself these things before you make your purchase.

If you need some help picking out a winner for your guy, then come see us in the shop at Hemming Plaza and we will be happy to help you find the perfect piece for your perfect guy!