Top Jewelry Trends for 2016

Top Jewelry Trends for 2016


Top Jewelry Trends for 2016Certain pieces of jewelry are timeless and are always in style. Others come and go as jewelry trends wax and wane. The 2016 trends, at least in the early part of the year, range from silver chains that harken to the industrial revolution to simple headbands by Chanel and Gucci.

Building on the headband style, other designers, such as Hedi Slimane and Nicolas Ghesquière, have crafted tiaras that are designed to impress. This juxtaposition between a grungy, industrial look and a delicate princess appearance revitalizes the 2016 trends. In between these two extremes, other styles are making their presence known. Wooden jewelry from Alberta Ferretti is stunning in its stark plainness.

When admirers catch sight of the newest earrings to hit the runway, they might think jewelry trends have taken a left turn back to the 1960s. The pop art style of the newest earrings from Missoni, Marni and others would look right at home in a Warhol or Johns painting. After being out-of-style for years, chokers seem to be making a comeback, especially in solid gold. Pearls, too, are maintaining their place as a timeless fashion statement; Chanel expertly combined them with the choker resurgence. Dior paired gemstones with a silk choker to put a different spin on the “comeback style of the year.”

As far as colors are concerned, black and white seem to be the favorites this year. This preference has led designers to craft pieces inspired by the art deco style of the 1930s. In the 21st century, rhodium provides designers with the black they seek, and both enamel and white gold provide the opposite. In many cases, one of the two colors is dominant in the latest pieces, with the opposite color accentuating the primary color.

Large earrings, many of which are asymmetrical, highlight 2016 jewelry trends. These earrings offer bold splashes of color even against the basic black and white of other pieces. Many celebrities are combining two or more of these styles, such as solid-gold chokers, gigantic green earrings, black jackets and white lace bodices.

All in all, the theme of most 2016 trends seems to be to combine that which is different. Secondarily, old ideas are coming back and joining new ideas to form an interesting palate of choices. Against all this balance, asymmetry makes a bold statement that keeps each new look as fresh, or fresher, than the next.