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A Series of Unforgettable Anniversary Gifts

Each passing year with your loved one brings with it the opportunity to leave indelible impressions of love and appreciation.

The only challenge, though, is deciding how to go about it.

Thus, we look to some of the more notable anniversary years — in addition to their modern traditions — to decide how you might celebrate with a little extra flair:

  • 10th Anniversary

It all began with a diamond. Specifically, your proposal was built around a diamond, the likes of which have adorned your loved one’s finger for nearly a decade. So, why not reinfuse the occasion with another one?

Diamond jewelry is the modern gift of choice for a couple’s tenth anniversary, so we encourage you to explore complementary designs to the original engagement ring itself. Otherwise, if you’re looking to put a new spin on your next chapter, try custom designing your gift!

  • 15th Anniversary

Your time together is precious, so why not indulge in the new tradition of gifting your loved one a watch? You’ve counted down the days and years, and now you can help them keep track of the minutes in their day.

Consider, too, their regular activities. Do they need something sleek and classic for work or something water-proof and shock-proof for athletic endeavors? This will help you to determine the best model to mark the occasion.

  • 20th Anniversary

Congratulations on two decades! By now, we’re sure the strength of your relationship is as unparalleled as platinum, rendering it the perfect material for your 20th-anniversary gift.

From platinum rings and earrings to Cuban chains and cuff links, your options are just about endless so long as you’re willing to look. And this metal is also all but guaranteed to impress your spouse.

  • 25th Anniversary

25 years in, your relationship is golden. For this anniversary, however, you’ll want to lean into the sentimental gift of silver for your loved one. Clean, bright, and untarnished, you’ll easily convey the strength and value of your love in one precious metal.

What’s more, you can enhance the quality of your gift by personalizing it with a special engraving. Whether it’s a short message, an important date, or a new declaration of love, your options remain open and intimate.

  • Any and All Anniversaries

No matter which anniversary you’re celebrating with your loved one, all of the gifts and jewelry solutions you need can be found in one place: Hemming Jewelers, Jacksonville’s #1 independent jeweler!

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So, are you ready to make your next anniversary as unforgettable as the day you got engaged? Then it’s time to reach out to Hemming Jewelers! Simply stop by at the corner of Monroe and Hogan or call our team at 904-354-5959.

We look forward to helping you!