Choosing An Engagement Ring: The Three Stylistic Components

We get it — you want everything to be perfect. An engagement, after all, is a life-altering event that will become a lasting memory for both you and your loved one for years to come. Plus, setting the stage for an enthusiastic “yes!” often requires several stages of planning.

But without a ring, the proposal is anything but. And if you aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to ring shopping or designing, it’s important to break your strategy down by the three basic components of an engagement ring:


  • The Band

The band of an engagement ring involves fewer stylistic choices than other components of the ring, though your choice of metal will serve as the baseline for the rest of your planning. After choosing both your material and trim, the next choice to present itself will be whether to leave the band of the ring simple or to embellish it with additional stones.

If you choose embellishment, you’ll have the option of either playing it clean with additional diamonds or personalizing it further with colored gemstones.


  • The Setting

The setting refers to the way the center diamond is held aloft on the band. Generally speaking, many often choose between a prong or bezel setting, though more stylistic options are available today.

A prong setting grips the diamond between several claw-like tines and is also the most commonly chosen setting type. A bezel setting, however, has the diamond set into the band with a ring of metal spanning the circumference of the stone. A bezel setting usually features the same metal material as the band of the ring, ensuring a sleek and seamless overall appearance.


  • The Diamond Itself

The star of the show — You’ll have the opportunity to truly stylize the engagement ring according to the four Cs of diamond quality: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. From there, you can also take into account the overall symmetry and polish of the stone, as well as the certification of the diamond, which identifies a diamond’s grade.

Understanding the taste and/or preferences of your fiancée-to-be will be key in narrowing down a wide variety of diamond-related options, so don’t be afraid to do some preliminary investigation prior to peeking into store windows.


That being said, we understand that the mixed pressure and excitement of a proposal can make it difficult to truly hone in on the ideal features of an engagement ring. But that’s why the professionals here at Hemming Jewelers are here to guide you! Not only do we have a wide array of rings for you to browse, but we can also help you design a customized piece to help you reach perfection. If you have further questions or are ready to learn more, contact us today by calling (904) 354-5959!