A visual table and depiction of the diamond grading scale based on color

Clarity vs. Color: Diamond Evaluations

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as they say, but… which diamonds merit such a title?

The answer should be an easy one: A high-grade diamond, right? The only problem, however, is distinguishing between low and high-grade gems prior to putting your money on the table.

So if you’re ready to hone in on the color of a diamond — and what it means — we’re here with a user-friendly explanation…

A Question of Color and Quality

“Interestingly, the diamond color evaluation of most gem-quality diamonds is based on the absence of color,” according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). “A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue, like a drop of pure water, and consequently, a higher value.”

Thus, GIA has set the industry standard for diamond quality in more ways than one — including coloring. The color-grading system established by the Institute works on a range of D to Z, wherein D denotes a colorless diamond (higher value) and Z indicates a diamond marred by a yellow or brown hue (lower value).

To determine the color grade of a diamond, a professional needs to inspect it beneath controlled lighting while comparing it to a master stone.

Wondering What to Look For?

When looking at diamonds, always be sure to check with the retailer that the stone has been given a color grade from a reputable source or laboratory, like GIA. Otherwise, every individual will have a different preference in terms of both beauty and value.

“Some people prefer the soft, mellow look of a faintly yellow diamond as opposed to the hard, icy brilliance of a white diamond,” the International Gem Society (IGS) explains. “Perhaps for these consumers, the pale yellow color has pleasant associations, such as candlelight. If this describes you, you still shouldn’t pay too much for diamonds of this color, despite the positive vibes they give.”

And if you’re such an individual, there’s nothing wrong with that! We simply recommend that you search for a reasonably-priced diamond with a higher level of fluorescence.

Getting the Right Grade with Hemming Jewelers

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