No Need to Cut Corners: The Top 5 Most Popular Diamond Cuts

Your eyes are grazing over the shelves of diamond rings, all of which glitter and glimmer as beautifully as the one next to it, rendering it only more and more difficult to decide which one, exactly, you should purchase.

In this case, it’s time to narrow down your selection by focusing on your preferred diamond cut.

And if you’re not sure which ones to choose from, or what the differences are between various cuts, don’t worry — we are here today to cut to the chase on the top five most popular variations:

  • Round Cut

The round cut is not only popular as a classic and timeless choice, but because it has been specifically engineered over the years to optimize the brilliance and dispersion of the diamond itself, among other qualities.

“Experts estimate that this cut alone accounts for more than 70% of all diamonds sold today,” the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) reports. “The quality of a round brilliant diamond’s cut determines how much the diamond sparkles.”

  • Oval Cut

For those seeking to add a modern flare to their jewelry while retaining the appeal of a classic cut, the oval cut offers a clear compromise. Relatively new in comparison to other cuts, the oval cut was created in 1950 and has since swept the bridal scene through the present day.

As a matter of fact, Lazare Kaplan — the diamond cutter who engineered the oval cut — was inducted into the Jewelers International Hall of Fame in 1979 for his work on the shape.

  • Cushion Cut

Particularly popular in the 19th Century, the cushion cut is considered both antique and refined in nature, opening the wearer to old-world stylizations through its soft corners and general pillow-like shape.

“Cushion-cut diamonds show excellent fire!” according to the International Gem Society (IGS). “The angles in this cut are made for those flashes of colored light.”

  • Princess Cut

Appearing larger than they are in reality thanks to their long diagonal faces, princess cut diamonds are widely popular in both name and aesthetic. Originally referred to as the “profile cut,” this style is lauded as a cleaner, more well-rounded alternative to a square cut.

What’s more? Thanks to the cut being officially patented, a princess cut diamond is considered the “square modified brilliant” when its ratio exceeds a total of 1.05.

  • Emerald Cut

Originally created for emerald stones and capable of slimming the appearance of one’s fingers, the emerald cut falls under the “step cut” category of diamonds and can reflect planes of light that create an effect akin to that of a hall of mirrors.

“To add stability and prevent fractures, the corners of an Emerald Cut Diamond are usually cropped.” as reported by the Diamond Pro. “Through its long step cuts, the diamond offers abundant reflections both of white and colored light.”

So, have one of the aforementioned cuts caught your eye? Or do you still need more time to browse and visualize it for yourself? In either case, Hemming Jewelers — Jacksonville’s #1 independent jeweler — has just what you need!

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