Engagement Guide: The Princess Cut

When considering the cut of one’s gems and jewels, regality can never amount to a bad decision. Thus, when browsing for the perfect engagement ring, one should always take at least a few moments to contemplate the elegance of the princess cut.

Royal by name and classic in style, the princess cut never disappoints a bride-to-be. Here are the key points for you to know:


  • The History of the Princess Cut

Officially branded in the early 1960s, the princess cut was created by English cutter Arpad Nagy in 1961. At the time, the cut was referred to as a “profile cut,” though it would later take the name of “princess,” becoming the new standard moniker.

But the princess cut is not a standalone style in terms of diamonds. The Barion cut — designed originally by Basil Watermeyer — was a similarly symmetrical cut deemed too difficult for other cutters to create and sell on a consistent basis.

Finally, the quintrillion cut (emerging later in 1979) was another alternative cut, using 49 facets in total in comparison to the Barion’s 80 facets. The princess cut, on the other hand, usually features either 57 or 76 facets while also using up to 80% of the rough stone.


  • Modern Royalty, Modern Fairytales

The princess cut is not one to be underestimated or ignored, as it was reportedly the second most popular diamond choice for engagement rings in 2015, with approximately 30% of all engagement rings featuring the cut.

And if you’re looking to pair the princess cut with the fair beauty and renown of your own favorite lines of royalty, look no further than Disney’s 2017 line of Disney Princess rings, designed in partnership with Zales. These rings were styled after your favorite blushing heroines, featuring princess cuts for some characters such as Tinker Bell, Mulan, Snow White, and Aurora.


  • What To Look For In A Princess Cut

In total, you’ll notice that the princess cut looks like a square cut with clean or rounded edges. From the side, it appears like an inverted pyramid, and is commonly found both in solitaire or multi-stone settings.

Additionally, as the princess cut is an officially patented design, the diamond will be classified as the generic equivalent — the  “square modified brilliant” — if the ratio exceeds 1.05 in total.

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