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February’s Amethyst: A History of Mythology, Religion, and Spirituality

Having rounded the corner into February, you may find yourself contemplating the ideal birthday gift for a loved one born in this month. And amethyst, a vibrant variation of quartz stone, is the perfect go-to if you’re looking to both impress and personalize.

After all, not only is amethyst the February birthstone, but it comes with its own unique and mystical history:


  • A Sobering Greek Tale

Greek mythology names Amethyst as a young woman who was subjected to the prominent wrath of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. Upon calling out to the Goddess Diana for help, Amethyst was thus turned into a shimmering white quartz stone, presumably for her own protection. In a fit of guilt and grief at the consequences of his actions, Dionysus spilled his tear-laden wine, turning Amethyst into a purple gem.

Additionally, the name amethyst is derived from “amethustos,” a Greek word meaning sober, as mythology says that one who drinks from a goblet of amethyst will not get drunk.


  • Christ’s Quartz

Amethyst also, of course, has its place in the Christian religion. For instance, some Christians have historically associated the stone with Christ’s suffering due to its reddish-purple hue, thus alluding to Jesus’s wounds.

The stone was also associated with the Apostle Matthias, as well as the concepts of celibacy and piety, which is why members of the Catholic clergy in the past have adorned themselves with amethyst crosses.


  • Calm, Confident, and Conscious

Finally, amethyst is regarded as a gemstone with the capability to spiritually soothe its wearers. Said to bestow an individual with a sense of calm through stress, as well as confidence during business or interpersonal transactions, amethyst’s alleged power to influence emotion is one of metaphysical prominence today.

It is also said to bring balance and tranquility to the forefront of one’s consciousness. Finally, it can allegedly ward off nightmares and insomnia if placed beneath a pillow at night.


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