An image of two custom-made weddings bands next to diamonds and pearls

How Long Does it Take to Make Custom Wedding Bands?

The tedious process of choosing a wedding band is nothing short of a treasure hunt — it’s all about searching for your perfect band. But finding a ring that checks all your required boxes can be stressful and sometimes end in defeat.

Don’t settle for a wedding band that you aren’t one hundred percent head over heels for; look into making a custom band! With custom bands, your unique vision can become a reality. At Hemming Jewelers we’ll create a wedding ring that fits both your taste and budget!

Endless Possibilities

When you look into the process of creating a custom wedding band, there are various customizable elements to consider.

These include:

  • Metal type
  • Stones/diamonds
  • Setting type
  • Band type
  • And more!

With metal options, the most common are platinum and gold: white, yellow, and rose. Aside from diamonds, gemstones are becoming an increasingly popular stone for wedding bands! Some individuals even choose to opt-out of any stone type and stick with just a band. If you choose to have a diamond, the diamond’s size, clarity, color, and cut are all factors to consider. Some of the most popular diamond cuts include round, princess, emerald, marquise, and pear cuts.

Stone setting refers to how the center stone is arranged on the band. The most common setting is the classic solitaire setting — one center stone on the band —  and halo settings include smaller stones arranged around the center one.

All of these customizable elements depend on a person’s lifestyle, taste, and preferences. At Hemming Jewelers, you can count on us to create the most beautiful wedding band of your dreams to celebrate this exciting life event!

How Long Would This Take?

The process of creating a custom wedding band usually begins with an initial consultation where you are able to sit down with a jeweler and share ideas, confirm designs, negotiate costs, and set an estimated timeline.

On average, the entire process of creating a custom wedding band takes between a few weeks and a few months -– all depending on the complexity of your desired band and possible change to any designs. Since custom wedding bands are curated from scratch, it’s better to start the process early to avoid any complications that could pop up.

Hemming is Here to Help

Making a custom wedding band with Hemming Jewelers means working with a professional team that is committed to bringing your unique vision to life! Make your wedding day unforgettable with a band that tells a story — symbolizing a love that lasts a lifetime.

Say “I do” and contact us today to take the next step in your customization journey!