A princess cut diamond is displayed in silver tweezers in front of a person's hand

Engagement Guide: The Round Cut vs. The Princess Cut

Choosing the perfect diamond cut for an upcoming engagement can be nothing short of stressful at times. After all, you want it to be perfect, but with so many options, which one fits the bill (and your budget)?

Don’t worry — you’re hardly the first person to feel this trepidation, nor will you be the last.

And that’s why we’re here today to help you break down the primary differences between two of the most popular diamond cuts:

Reliably Radiant with the Round Cut

Effortlessly classic, the brilliant round cut diamond is almost never a bad choice if you’re still deciding which cut to land on.

In fact, “the most popular diamond in the marketplace is the round brilliant,” according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). “Experts estimate that this cut alone accounts for more than 70% of all diamonds sold today.”

This is not only because the smooth shape renders it more durable than the edged princess cut — seeing as it is far less likely to get chipped around the face — but it’s also known for being all but unparalleled in terms of its sparkle.

One of the cons? It’s going to be more difficult to find a quality diamond with clean clarity for a more affordable price. After all, despite the fact that it reflects more light compared to other cuts, the round cut diamond is more likely to show its imperfections.

Near-Perfection with the Princess Cut

Specifically designed to showcase the brilliance of the round cut in a sharper outline, the princess cut — formerly referred to as the “profile cut” — is the second most popular diamond cut found on the market today.

More affordable and more forgiving in clarity and imperfections than its rounded counterpart, this cut features anywhere between 57 to 76 facets depending on the individual stone.

Thus, “unlike the round brilliant, there’s no set expectation for what a princess cut should look like,” the Gem Society explains. “Princess cuts can differ by the pattern on the crown as well as the number of cuts on the pavilion. While neither impacts value or quality, you’ll just prefer one to the other.”

In other words, the princess cut is all about tailoring to your loved one’s taste. Though, as mentioned previously, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that its edges are more susceptible to chipping.

Heavenly Engagements with Hemming Jewelers

At the end of the day, “both these shapes are quite versatile and look stunning in most settings,” Jewelry Shopping Guide reports. Truly, it all boils down to what you believe your spouse-to-be would most prefer.

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