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New Year, New Life, New Jewelry: Giving Yourself the Gift of Self Care

Once the holiday season effectively comes to a close, you’ll be left with the sense of accomplishment that comes from gifting your loved ones a flurry of perfect presents. And who doesn’t love knowing that they’ve brought tangible joy to those dearest to them?

But after you’ve given all of your time and attention to others around you, we believe it’s important to take a moment to recenter yourself.

That’s why this year, we’re encouraging you to plan ahead and buy yourself your own New Year’s gift!

Putting Back On Your Rose-Colored Glasses

As bright as a blush and as soft as the flower for which it’s named, rose gold is the ideally-tinted gold accessory to don as you approach 2021 with a newfound sense of revitalization. After all, rose gold is a modern twist on a timeless and beloved metal, presenting you with endless opportunities to make the trend your own in the new year.

From rings to earrings, bracelets, and more, rose gold is bound to infuse your New Year’s ensemble with the romantic optimism most anybody would want out of a new beginning. Plus, it’s subtle enough to go with just about any item already hanging in your closet!

Don’t Drop The Ball On Diamonds

Sure, the ball drop dazzles onlookers every year, but who says you can’t outshine the evening festivities? After all, the right diamond is bound to turn heads, no matter what hour the clock strikes. Thus, this classic jewel is exactly what you need to class up a new year, regardless of whether you’re back in black or radiant in red for the holiday.

Be it princess cut, marquis cut, or another elegant shape, you’ll also have a bevy of stylistic options at hand, making it easy to tailor your jewelry to your unique preferences and desire to express your individuality.

A Toast To Your Taste

Just as the new year features endless possibilities, so too are your options when it comes time to indulge and invest in a renewal of your jewelry collection. For instance, engravings allow you the ability to imbue long-loved favorites and new accessories alike with a meaning unique to your whims and desires.

And if your tastes tempt you toward a design yet unexplored by traditional jewelers, custom-created pieces are the perfect creative outlet for you to design your own charms from the inside out.

But with so many paths to take, we understand if you’re not sure where to start. That’s why we encourage you to visit Hemming Jewelers, Jacksonville’s #1 independent custom jeweler!

With a variety of new and consignment pieces, as well as custom design and engraving services, we’re available to help you find a fresh new look no matter the time of year. To learn more or start browsing, contact us today by calling (904) 354-5959!