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Putting Pedal to the Metal: Last Second Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for the men in your life can be a challenge but, contrary to popular opinion, more men are becoming inclined towards jewelry pieces than you might expect. After all, jewelry can be both masculine and sexy when worn correctly. With Father’s Day presenting itself as the opportune moment to express love and gratitude to a special man in your life, it’s essential to know how to personalize the gift of accessory.

When You’re Pressed for Time

Did you spend so much time brainstorming gifts that you haven’t actually picked one out yet? Eliminate further time-consuming deliberation and buy your husband or father a watch. Even the men in your life who are the most resistant to accessorizing will find a watch to be a classic, functional, and stylish gift. Aim for a simple silver metal or black leather piece band if you don’t know what he needs or if you’re simply looking for something versatile.

Upgrade his Wedding Band

Maybe you’re renewing your vows, maybe it’s time for a change, or maybe he misplaced his ring and is hoping you haven’t noticed yet. Regardless, there’s a million reasons to upgrade your husband’s wedding band in accordance to both his taste and the holiday. Alternatively, if you’re looking to bring new life to something more traditional, you can add new stones to his band or simply repair any damage that may have occurred along the way.

Think Outside the Jewelry Box

If you know your man well enough, you can help guide him out of his comfort zone. Surprise him with a gift that features a pop of color that matches his favorite cufflinks or tie. Buy him a new statement ring to wear to the office. Buy him that gold chain he’s been eyeing but refuses to admit to liking. Either way, the right jewelry piece will show him that you notice, you care, and you trust in his ability to both dress up and dress down.


If you aren’t sure about what kind of jewelry is in style for men, there’s no need to sweat the details. Whether you want to customize a gift or pick something out for him while on the run, Hemming Jewelers is here to meet your needs and his taste!