Your 2019 Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

Hello, holidays! While Thanksgiving may have officially signaled the beginning of the season, the onset of December is what truly heralds the start of the “most wonderful time of the year.” If you haven’t already (and let’s be honest, you probably have) decked the halls of your home and stocked up on your red and green ribbon, now is the time!

The only thing missing? The gifts that will ultimately find themselves paraded in those ribbons, gently placed under trees, in stockings, or hidden carefully in secluded closet spaces.

And you? What are you planning to purchase for your loved ones this year? If you’re not sure what glittery gifts to leave gleaming beneath the holiday candlelight, we can help …


  • The Women In Your Life

Whether it be your mother, your wife, or your long-term girlfriend, you have two options with your holiday jewelry. The first option is to surprise her with something you know she’s been eyeing for some time, whether it be an upgraded wedding ring, a necklace in the window of the jewelry shop you’re always passing by, or a custom piece she’s been planning for some time. Nothing says, “I love you,” quite like it does when you show her how much you pay attention to her taste in jewelry.

Otherwise, clean and classic is a safe holiday bet. Stick to sterling silver, gold, and diamonds, as they’re bound to go with anything she already owns, and they’re also the colors entirely befitting of the holiday itself. To go the extra mile, be sure to engrave her jewelry, be it with your wedding date, a special message, or just a reminder of your love.


  • The Men In Your Life

Are you ready to reassure your father or husband just how much you cherish your quality time with him? Then a new watch is in order. But if your finances are a concern, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a brand new, never-before-worn watch (though those are always a good choice!). Keep in mind that classic, pre-owned timepieces are also valuable, stylish, and all-around timeless.

And if a watch isn’t quite his style, or if he has enough of a collection that he probably wouldn’t feel one way or another about a new one, chains are simple accessory pieces that are easy to dress up or down, regardless of the occasion. In all, jewelry shopping for men can be tricky, but it certainly doesn’t have to be impossible.


  • The Fashionable Friends

Okay, so maybe you don’t always go all-out on your friends when it comes to jewelry expenditures. That’s understandable, but you do still have options! Consignment jewelry, for example, is an ideal means of finding affordable pieces that are as unique as they are.

Otherwise, you can always incorporate a little more fun into the season by hosting a holiday jewelry swap. This way, your entire social circle can participate in the gift-giving spirit without breaking the bank!


Regardless of who you’re buying for, Hemming Jewelers has what you need. Plus, if you’re unsure of what, exactly, you’re looking for or how much it should cost, come visit us on the corner of Monroe and Hogan or call us at (904) 354-5959 to learn more about our services! We look forward to helping you find the perfect gift this season.