3 Ideas For A New Year, New Engagement

As one chapter closes, another invariably opens. And no, we’re not just talking about the year.

Perhaps you’ve been scouring the latest engagement trends online when your partner isn’t looking, or maybe you’ve simply been hiding the ring in an undisclosed location and sweating over what time is the right time to get down on one knee.

But one date that seldom disappoints? New Year’s! That’s why we’re here to propose three different engagement ideas for a successful New Year’s proposal:

#1 – Ring In Your Proposal With Your Resolution

Most people are familiar with the practice of writing New Year’s resolutions. And by indulging in this tradition of committing to your future, you’ll also have the perfect opportunity to affirm your commitment to taking the next step in your relationship!

The idea is simple: You and your loved one agree to choose one major resolution for the coming year (or more, if you’d prefer), but the condition is that neither of you is allowed to reveal your resolution(s) to each other until the night of New Year’s Eve. The moment you share your resolution is the moment you pop the question!

#2 – Looking Back Before Moving Forward

The dawn of a new year presents the ideal opportunity to stop, reflect, and appreciate all that the previous year brought to your lives. Thus, it also offers the opportunity to hone in on your relationship’s history, cherishing all that you have shared leading up to the moment of your soon-to-be engagement.

Try creating a scrapbook or slideshow of the past year that the two of you can fondly reminisce over together, creating an air of intimacy and joy before reaching the final page or slide that leads into your proposal.

#3 – Toasting, Timing, and Telling Stories

New Year’s Eve is one of the evenings you’re most likely to find yourself in the company of friends and family, rendering it an ideal evening to have all of your loved ones involved in the engagement process and memories.

Prepare a toast ahead of time and make sure everyone in attendance is aware of what time you intend to pop the question. This way, everybody is aware of when to return their attention to you. You may take turns sharing stories during the toast, or solely focus on telling your own before asking the most important question of the night. Either way, your New Year’s Eve toast will be a timeless story told for years to come!

So, are you ready to ring in a new relationship status?

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