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A Higher Purpose: Repurposing and Thrifting Your Jewelry

Sometimes, we all want to feel the joy and rejuvenation associated with a brand new look and a brand new season. Garnering attention with a new wardrobe and turning heads with trendy, layered accessories, who doesn’t like to feel refreshed and — dare we say it — cool?


Unfortunately, our wallet may not always be as accommodating to our whims and desires … But that’s where repurposing and thrifting comes in. And, in honor of National Thrift Shop Day (Aug. 17), we’ll give you a few tips to get you started with your jewelry!


  1. The Spark of Creation

Indulging in creativity doesn’t just feed the mind and soul, it can feed your wallet just as sustainably. That old necklace with the chunky beads that you haven’t worn in forever but just can’t seem to give up? Get creative with some pliers and turn them into your new favorite earrings. The one earring whose mate has long since disappeared? Turn it into a small charm to add to your most frequently worn charm bracelet.


Alternatively, you always have the ability to creatively preserve the jewelry you already adore. Wondering how much that one piece is worth so that you might make an informed decision on how best to proceed with it? Get an appraisal. Have a ring or heirloom that’s in need of a little tender, love, and care? Breathe new life into it by getting it repaired.


  1. Celebratory Swaps

Looking to get your friends together in a celebratory manner, but lacking the proper occasion? The solution is simple: host a swap party. All you have to do is invite your closest (and trendiest) of friends! Request that they bring their unwanted and/or unworn jewelry — from there, your friends will have the opportunity to swap precious metals, find something new they love, and bond a little more.


But if swapping for free isn’t quite your style, consider swapping your jewelry for money. By selling your gold and diamonds, you’ll replenish your depleted wallet and have the means to buy something new you love just as much (if not a little more)!


  1. Local Consignment, Local Connection

Perhaps you’re beyond repurposing and ready to head straight to thrifting. That’s great, too! Local jewelers often provide you with the option to buy pre-owned or consignment jewelry at a reduced price, thereby saving you a little bit of money but providing you the opportunity to find beautifully crafted custom pieces.


Additionally, by taking this opportunity to establish a relationship with your local jeweler, you know you’ll have a reliable resource to turn to when it comes time to find the perfect engagement ring or find another personalized gift.


Not sure where to start? Hemming Jewelers is here to help you discover a beautiful piece that fits your budget. Stop in today to meet with our professional jewelers and find out why we are Jacksonville’s #1 independent custom jeweler!