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Being Bold: Simple Ways to Layer Jewelry

Sometimes it’s easy to be shy about your jewelry, especially if you’re most accustomed to adhering to minimalism and only wearing one piece at a time. But if you’re tired of shying away from making statements with your accessories and you’re ready to boldly layer like no one has done before, we have some quick tips to help get you started.

Think in Numbers

Who says you have to choose between a couple of your favorite rings? Wear both! Better yet, add even more. Layering small pieces in greater numbers is an easy way to warm up to the waters of layering. Conversely, if you’re looking to go a little larger but you’re not ready to commit to necklaces, bracelets would be the next best thing. Try bangles for a chic flair that won’t get you tangled up.

Mix Your Metals

Metal doesn’t have to be about monotony. Don’t think you have to choose between silver and gold and commit completely to it. Instead, try combining them for an eye-catching effect. Particularly if you want to stick with smaller pieces for the time being, mixing your metals is one of the easiest ways to start inching out of your comfort zone and using your style to speak a little louder.

Tiers and Cascades

A word of caution before proceeding: layering isn’t just about grabbing a fistful of jewelry from your box and wearing as much as you can without looking tacky. On the contrary, proper layering involves tact. And one of the easiest ways to make a clean statement is to wear your jewelry, particularly necklaces, in accordance to varying lengths. In effect, you’ll be able to break up the color block of your top if you’re wearing a solid color, or if your necklaces don’t fall entirely evenly, the asymmetry of it all will catch everybody’s eyes and give you an edgy leg up.

Whether you’re looking for new statement pieces to throw into your rotation or you’re looking to purchase several new, smaller items to better layer with, we’ve got you covered. Come visit Hemming Jewelers today and open yourself to a world of options!